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So I’m lucky enough to have a mom that supports me pretty much in whatever I decide to do with myself.

She’s totally on board me wanting to be vegan and has even become a vegetarian herself!

So I’ve swapped the butter with coconut spread, I’ve got my half gallon of almond milk, tofu, vegan corndogs, and plenty of salad in the fridge. I’m even eating these strange thing called Kale leaves which I’d never heard of before.

So even though I think I’m all set to proudly call myself a vegan..I start realize all the hidden dangers.

"This bread was probably made with milk and eggs"

"Same with this cupcake"

"Pasta noddles are made with animal products too!"

"Can’t wear this leather jacket anymore"

And apparently now I’ve found out even my MAKEUP may have animal products in it!

I adore makeup, it’s the best stuff ever: but where am I suppose to find vegan makeup?!!

I’m quickly learning Veganism isn’t just a dietary change. It’s a lifestyle choice.